Service Policy

    Service Policy


    The library strives to provide patrons of all ages access to information, educational and cultural reading materials, and services in traditional and innovative formats. As the community's recreational reading and information resource, our goal is to help library users become lifelong learners. The library is a living, growing entity that responds to meet its patron's changing needs.

    Who May Use the Library

    1. The policy of the Lincoln Library Board of Trustees prohibits employees from discriminating against patrons on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age.
    2. The library will serve all residents of the town of Lincoln, and all persons eligible for OSL library cards.
    3. The Library observes American Library Association policies regarding freedom of access, including the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, Freedom to View, and related statements contained in the Intellectual Freedom Manual. It upholds the principles of intellectual freedom, the citizen’s right to information, the right to confidentiality of users’ records, and opposes censorship.

    Services and Resources of the Library

    1. The director shall be responsible for the selection and organization of books and material that best meet the needs of the community. Other professional staff shall assist in the materials selection process.
    2. The library shall cooperate with other community agencies, organizations, and libraries.
    3. The library accepts a responsibility for attempting to secure information beyond its own resources. The library staff shall obtain materials not owned for its patrons through interlibrary loan. The library staff shall also make patrons aware of collection strengths and related resources offered by other libraries.
    4. Library services shall be provided during the hours which best meet the needs of the community and according to the library budget.
    5. The library's professional staff shall offer services and collections to meet the cultural and informational needs of the community. Regularly scheduled children's programs shall be offered.
    6. The library director and staff shall inform the public about the library's resources, programs, and services, utilizing the media and library publications and bibliographies, as needed.

    Approved by the Library Board of Trustees February 28, 2006