• New Storytime Schedule!
    We have storytimes for different age groups from 0 - 5 years old! Check out our schedule and make sure you register for a spot online!
  • Saturday Craft
    Join us on September 21st at 11:00 AM and have fun making a fall scarecrow!
  • DIY Pirate-themed Makerspaces
    Drop into the library on September 19th from 3-7 PM for DIY pirate fun!
  • Lego Build
    Kids ages 3-12 can drop in on Saturday, September 28th from 12 - 4 to create with our DUPLOs and LEGOs!
  • Kids Can Win Prizes for Blogging Book Reviews!
    Kids in grades 3-6 are invited to “blog” their books at lplkidsblog.blogspot.com.

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