Technology Plan

    Technology Plan 


    Mission Statement:

    The library strives to provide patrons of all ages access to information, educational and cultural reading materials, and services in traditional and innovative formats. As the community's recreational reading and information resource, our goal is to help library users become lifelong learners. The library is a living, growing entity that responds to meet its patron's changing needs.

    The Lincoln Public Library is very much aware of the need to remain abreast of developing technologies. The need to incorporate various forms of technology is essential in realizing the library’s mission, and therefore will continue to be a vital issue as the library continues to evolve. The staff recognizes that the Technology Plan will involve continual evaluation and revision.

    Patrons are expecting and demanding a wider array of electronic resources and equipment. The library must work towards meeting this demand in order to meet the information needs of our patrons. Ease of use is a primary concern for both staff and patrons.

    Assessment: 2011

    The library currently has 17 stations offering access to the Internet and several online databases. 3 of them are wireless. These workstations are loaded with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 with Windows 7 and XP as their operating systems. 5 OPAC stations offer access to our catalog, but not to the Internet, 4 of which  are wireless. Additionally, there are 4 stations in the children’s room that have educational games. 22 wireless laptops are used for general computer classes. Circulation staff has access to four PC’s for use in circulation. The reference staff uses two PC’s to assist patrons, prepare promotional signs and brochures, order library materials, and to process ILL’s. The children’s staff has one PC to access the online catalog and the Internet, create signs and display materials, order library materials, and assist patrons. Technical Services uses one PC for cataloging and printing labels. Administrative staff uses four PC’s, one being wireless, to process bills, maintain budgets, send letters, and create press releases and promotional materials. The Electronic Resources Librarian and the Technology Assistant use 2 computers to update the web page and to perform basic network maintenance. The library has 2 servers with Windows 2008 to allow sharing of documents and printers. The phone system was upgraded in November of 2003 to include automated attendant and voicemail. All data wiring in the library is Category 5. Switches and routers are on a rack in a secured room, with access to patch panels for the 31 hardwired data drops and 11 phone drops. One Cisco wireless access point is located in a secure room. The other wireless access point is located in the Children’s Room near the Children’s Librarian’s desk. The library currently has two switches, which have the potential to hold 48 computers. The switches act as the gateway for access to the Internet and to the OSL database.

    Goals and Objectives:

    I.  Public Services

    A. Continue to enhance and develop electronic resources for public access
      1. Provide clear and thorough documentation for electronic resources available in the library. 
        Completion: Ongoing
        Several pamphlets have recently been created to assist patrons in using Overdrive.
      2. Evaluate current subscriptions to the Periodical Databases via patron statistics, input by Reference Librarians, and professional literature. 
        Completion: Ongoing
      3. Identify materials from the Local History collection that may be candidates for digitization. 
        Completion: Ongoing
      4. Develop various programs for school age children that are technology related, such as searching for information on the Internet, or how to use digital cameras.
        Completion: Ongoing
        The library now offers children a fun-filled, educational program that teaches children about electronics and circuitry by utilizing 5 Snap Circuits SC-300 kits.
      5. Offer a range of general computer classes for adult patrons that focus on Microsoft Office.
        Completion: Ongoing
    B. Improve and expand services to users who use the library remotely
      1. Continue to allow access to electronic databases to remote users. Remote access will continue to be of prime importance when evaluating possible new databases.
        Completion: Ongoing
      2. Continue to maintain current and timely information about library events and services on the library’s web page. 
        Completion: Ongoing

    II. Collection Development

    A. Continue to select, organize and maintain a quality collection of electronic resources

    1. Design and load pages that will serve users who attend computer classes offered in the library, as well as all other users who would benefit from information on computer use. 
      Completion: 2012
    2. Refine and improve the library's web site.
      Completion: Ongoing
    3. Investigate the acquisition of an online collection of downloadable music miles, such as Freegal and Rdio.
    4. Investigate the acquisition of a circulating collection of digital magazines such as Zinio.
    B. Select and acquire up-to-date library resources in electronic format
    1. Purchase educational, age appropriate Wii and/or XBox titles for the children's circulating collection. These will eventually replace the children's circulating CD-ROMs. Due to lack of space, the acquisition of Wii and/or XBox titles will not take place until the addition is completed. 
      Completion: Ongoing
    2. Expand collection of circulating DVD tutorials that focus on computer literacy.
      Completion: Ongoing
    3. Continue to purchase downloadable audio books and eBooks from Overdrive, concentrating on eBooks.
      Completion: Ongoing
    4. Explore the idea of circulating e-readers.
      The library purchased a Kindle in 2011 for staff training and is investigating its uses for the public.
    5. Continue to expand collection of Reference eBook titles.
      Completion: Ongoing

    III. Facilities & Equipment

     A. Evaluate and enhance electronic services to provide ease of use and access to library resources for the public.

    1. Investigate the loaning of laptops in-house. This would be helpful during peak computer usage. Need to consider the logistics involved in making this a reality.
    2. Purchase numeric key pads for circulation computers for patrons to use when imputing pin numbers. Currently evaluating 2 different key pads.
    3. Replace outdated server.
      Completion: 2012
    4. Purchase an additional access point for public access to wireless connectivity. We currently offer 1 access point for public use and 1 for staff use only. Location of access points will probably change once the new addition is in place.
      Completion: 2012

    IV. Administrative and Support Services

    A. Continue to monitor the need for updated software for all workstations within the library, as well as the server. 
    1. Investigate the current level of security on all machines. 
      Completion: Ongoing
    2. Construct a timeline for the replacement of Office 2007 with Office 2010.
      Completion: 2012
      8 computers in the adult area are now loaded with Office 2010. The remaining contain Office 2007.

    B. To remain competent in using current technology and software

      1. Encourage staff to take advantage of OSL training.
        Completion: Ongoing
      2. Develop a schedule of in-house classes for staff.
        Completion: 2013

    C. To investigate alternative funding for the acquisition of new technology

    1. Continue to pursue grant money from the Champlin Foundations as well as other possible sources of monies.
      Completion: Ongoing

    V.  Community Relations

    A. Develop an effective means of communicating to the public the various technology related services offered

    1. Investigate the inclusion and maintenance of a blog for the Children’s Department as well as for Adult Reader’s Advisory.
    2. Increase PR. 
      Completion: Ongoing
    3. Survey patrons to determine needs and wants, as well as level of satisfaction.
      Completion: Ongoing


    The success of the plan will be judged on the ability of the library to meet the objectives by the time period indicated. The plan will be reassessed each year to evaluate progress and modify objectives if necessary.


    The library receives its operating budget from the town of Lincoln. The library sees the need for additional funding to carry out anticipated services and applies for grants regularly.


    Approved by the Library Board of Trustees January 31, 2012