The Town of Lincoln
Check out the official site for our town.

State of RI Government Links

This valuable resource is the official information portal for the United States Government.
Information and technical assitance on The American with Disabilities Act

Social Security Handbook

The United States Department of Justice
This site covers all aspects of crime and punishment such as youth violence, victims of crime, terrorism, discrimination, inmate locator and many others.

A free easy to use service that identifies federal and State assistance programs for older Americans.

On The Issues
Every Political Leader on Every Isuue. Get Involved in the voting process! Find out what the candidates think.

White House Home Page
The White House home page has information on the President and Vice President, White House history and tours, federal services and recent press releases. The site also includes "White House for Kids".

US Senate
Find information on representatives and House committees at this site.

Federal Census Information
This site links you to information from the 2000 census.

Thomas Legislative Information
This iste allows you to search on current or past legislation, and find out about the legislative process. You will also find committee information and Congress roll call votes.

Governments on the Web
This site has a wealth of information on foreign governments.